Faith Not Sight


Are you walking by faith or sight today? In other words, are you choosing to believe God no matter what your circumstances look like, or are you making decisions and focusing your mind on what you can see.

As believers, we have to remember that we aren’t just subject to this natural realm–what we can see, hear, touch, and smell. No, we have access to the unseen, supernatural realm where all the promises and blessings of God are stored. When you choose to walk by faith, you are opening a door from the natural realm to the supernatural realm and drawing the blessings of God into your life.

Remember: with God seeing isn’t believing; believing is seeing! Throughout the day, begin to declare, “Father, I want to thank You that my payday is coming. You said no good thing will You withhold because I walk uprightly. I believe even right now You’re arranging things in my favor.” As you walk and live by faith, you will live a life pleasing to God. You’ll see His blessing and favor in abundance, and you’ll fulfill the destiny He has in store for you!

J Young-Newton


Set Yourself Free



Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.
John 8:32, NIV

Did you know that wrong labels can keep you from your destiny? You are not who people say you are. You are who God says you are. People will label you not good enough, too slow, too old, too many mistakes. God labels you strong, talented, valuable, more than a conqueror. Make sure that you’re wearing the right labels. Don’t go the next 20 years allowing one negative comment to hold you back.

Many people don’t know any better. They wear the negative labels like they’re the truth. They become so engrained in their thinking that they end up becoming what people say they are instead of what God says they are.

Are there labels that are holding you back today? What a coach said? What a counselor said? Even negative comments spoken by your parents? This is the time to remove every negative label. People don’t determine your destiny; God does. The only power that label has over you is the power that you give it. If you will remove it; if you will forgive that person and quit dwelling on it, then that label will have no effect on you!

Father, thank You for Your truth which sets me free. I choose to let go of every negative word spoken over me. I choose to forgive those who have hurt me. I embrace Your Word which is my identity in Jesus’ name. Amen.

J Young-Newton

Charles Christopher


Christopher Norman a.k.a Charles Christopher or to many as Mr. Truth, has one of the most inspiring stories I have heard in a long time. A songwriter, Author & Comedian are just a few of his many talents. Like many, if he would have never told me, I would have never known that he suffers from a disease called Chrones Disease. But that has not stopped him at all. He is a survivor, he is encouragement and true sign of what strength is. After initially meeting him, I could not help but to want to know more. I wanted to get to know this young man, who in spite of what hand life has dealt him, has continued to chase his dreams. Here is what he had to say:

1. Jody: Songwriter, Author & Comedian. Quite a list of talents. Who is the man behind the name Mister_Truth?
Charles: The man behind the truth is someone that is gone through the wild and back again I have fallen but gotten back up many times…I am a man of GOD that is still a man of many words LOL…I am not perfect and have never thought to be perfect….But I think the best way to answer that is the man behind him is the man That is STRONG, SURVIVOR, DETERMINED to be a somebody from a nobody…..

2. Jody: In one of your videos on youtube I heard you speak of an illness that you have. Can you tell me what that illness is and how does it effect your body?
Charles: I have chrones disease which is a stomach disorder that many have not heard about it which Crohn’s disease is a chronic bowel disease that causes severe inflammation of the digestive tract. It is associated with abdominal pain, diarrhea, and may affect your quality of life. It sometimes makes me very weak…and then sometimes make me be over hyper you know…Along with my 8 ulcers, a hernia, gastritis….but again I am a SURVIVOR not many people get that in-depth to know but that is just a little information behind it.

3. Jody: How has this condition effected your social life? Did you notice a change in friendships after revealing your diagnosis? And how do you work around any challenges in your social life, home, and workplace?
Charles: Yes I have noticed for one that it is hard for me to date…
holding my head because some people are unable to handle some days I maybe very, happy and bouncing off the wall then the next day my mood may change very quickly you know……I noticed many of my friends did change and my social life as well….IT Took me 2 years to pick up anther pen or paper to work on my stories, to work on my books, to work on my songs it took me forever to get the nerve up….But I work my way through it.

4. Jody: Is their treatment for your disease and if so, is the treatment working for you?
Charles: There is many things that we as people can take, and go to the doctor for it treatment is around please don’t misunderstand but its hard cause everyone with these different issues I named there body all reacts differently to some medicine something might work for me….That didn’t work for the rest and VICE VERSE….But I recently lost my father in Aug. and my insurance was taken from me….So my drive is just direct cause life happens so fast that sometimes it misses us or do we really miss it?

5. Jody: What are some of the challenges you face in your day to day routine? Are you concerned others are judging you or providing you special treatment and if so, how does that make you feel?
Charles: It hard for me to eat sometimes, because I do need to eat but sometimes food is my friend and my enemy it can make me feel better, and it can make me feel worse kind of thing….Some judge me because they say I “COMPLAIN” which I don’t I just let you know and be aware of what is going on in my life….so you know if I am not feeling good I am not avoiding you I just don’t feel good….It makes me feel like I ruin everyone’s fun so sometimes I am just to myself so I want be the “PARTY POOPER” did I spell that right? LOL

6. Jody: What hidden blessings came with their disease? I know that sounds strange, but a door never closes without another one opening. Like, have you met certain people and developed certain connections that you did not have before being diagnosed?
Charles: Well yes, I have met a person we are no longer seeing each other in that way but they were with me for about four months and no matter what they held me down and told me to think a head of what this could be….I see no blessing when I am up all night SICK and CRYING but you know they let me know that hey you are going to make it your going to be somebody and that you are someone who is going to have a story to tell….I would like to let people know this DISEASE effects quite alot of people and its PAINFUL…I have been in the HOSPITAL A numerous of times….But I have meant many people who have some things and understand the pain …

7. Jody: Where does your inspiration come from. What really drives you to continue to do what you do?
Charles: God and Jesus….That is really all I can tell you that inspires me so much…Tyler Perry, Spike Lee, Jill Scott, Toni Braxton, Tisha Campbell, Magic Johnson, all these people have a Drive, all those people have done things and became something I continue to do what I do because I am good at what I do…and if nobody but one or two people ever see me or hear me MY DRIVE and my PASSION was committed and I worked…..I am not a GIMICK I am a MAN and Stand behind everything I do and say

8. Jody: If there was one message you would want to get across to someone that is out there struggling right now with an illness and they think they can not continue on, what message would you want to pass on to them?
Charles: I would pass on to them and say your illness is not your life….Your life is your illness….What I mean LIVE your life and become what you want to become tell that ILLNESS to only have your body every now and then you need it the rest of the way LOL humor guys…but I tell them to fight you know when you can’t handle no more and you know you got more to live for KEEP PUSHING

my chain

9. Jody: Lets switch gears for a second. Tell me about your writings? What are your books about?
Charles: I have about 15 stories that I have worked on or working on they are so much a VAST difference I don’t know you might see one of my stories being about someone that is famous superstar with a dark past or present or you might have the down home family drama comedy book, my story I have one is a ODE to “THE BODYGUARD” and I think if the right people just read it and got a hold to it….They would love it and see the reason why its a ODE but so different…I like people to feel like my books you can read and RELATE to the character no matter if its 1901 or 8000 LOL you know I want you to enjoy and be happy to be reading.

10. Jody: I’m always curious about the gay lifestyle and the stigma often associated with it. What are you doing or have done to help bring a positive outlook on what others think about the lifestyle?
Charles: I have no lifestyle LOL my lifestyle is my work you know what I mean but I for one love everyone for who they are I am a supporter for GAY rights I am a supporter I don’t think because of what or who someone loves should become a issue I think that when we all die, and are gone when you dig up BONES there is nothing to say a DIFFERENCE I think people should love who they want to love and be who they want to be….I think the one thing that a lifestyle stops is LOVE and when people LEARN to love that when things will get better……..

11: Jody: Lastly, are there any current projects you are working on that you would like to talk about? If so when can we expect it and how can we support you?
Charles: I am working on so, so much man I really am I wish I could tell you all just one….But I know right now I am trying to reach out to Tyler Perry, a few singers I wrote songs for…I know the music industry the entertainment industry is hard to get into no matter what…

bow to me
It has certainly been a pleasure getting to know this young man. I walk away with an understanding and a different view of him. We are all raging a war inside. You never know whats behind a photo or a smile. What pain, trials or hurdles one have had to endure. You may support him in his endeavors by following him:
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Be sure to visit His YouTube Channels as well!~

“Thank you so much for your time and thanks to all that read this GOD BLESS” (Charles)