Determined Not To Be Distracted


Never allow your OBSTRUCTIONS to become a DISTRACTION. While Saul, the King and his army were tarrying under a tree, Jonathan and his armorbearer was stuck between Bozez and Seneh, A ROCK and a HARD Place, But they were DETERMINED to GO OVER unto the Philistines garrison in the STRENGTH and in the Hope of God giving them this VICTORY. I prophesy to you as you receive this testimony from a cloud of witnesses that, “Every ROCK STANDING IN YOUR WAY and every THORN THAT TRY TO ANNOY AND DISCOMFORT YOU will crumble and break at the name of JESUS. Don’t throw away your CONFIDENCE and lose your reward. Have FAITH and hold on being FULLY PERSUADED that God will get you pass the “ROCK and HARD” places in your life. MOUNTAINS can be moved and GIANTS still do fall when you TRUST in the LORD! The enemies that pursue you will turn on themselves before ever putting a hand on you. Keep this confidence, have faith, and believe that “THE BATTLE IS NOT YOURS”, It is the LORDS. Your BOLD FAITH has GREAT RECOMPENSE. The promise is on the way and He that shall come will come(Hebrews 10:35-37). Tell somebody, ” I AM DETERMINED NOT TO BE DISTRACTED”.

Whatever your Bozez and Seneh is be it PAIN & BITTERNESS or HURT & ANGER or DISTRESS & DESPAIR or OPPRESSION & DEPRESSION, SICKNESS & DISEASE, FAMINE & DROUGHT or being TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED, THE ROCK It will MOVE. Whatever your ROCK and Hard place is, you can Go to the ROCK that is much HIGHER than you. Whatever it is that tries to obstruct your way, REMEMBER Jesus is the ROCK of your SALVATION. He is the ROCK that cannot crumble and break and Holds your REWARD. He is the ROCK of REVELATION. Grab your FAITH. Hold on to CONFIDENCE. Your REWARD is just around the BEND. Don’t walk out on a PERMANENT VICTORY because of a TEMPORARY PROBLEM. ROCKS can crumble. Don’t be DISTRACTED, just go in Gods strength declaring, “I’M GOING OVER THIS GARRISON”. Square your shoulders, stick your chest out, and Lift up your head oh ye gates and let the KING OF GLORY COME IN. When His Glory comes and shines the light on the darkness in your life, ALL HELL will Scream LORD HAVE MERCY! Believe this. I see you in the future and your latter is GREATER. The wounds, scars, tears, and marks on your BODY is only the VICTORS evidence of battlement. Proof that you OVERCAME the war(Romans 8:37). Penetration does not mean defeat. Victory does not always come without bearing marks. Nevertheless, don’t get battle weary….WE WIN! Shout, NEVERTHELESS, ” I AM DETERMINED NOT TO BE DISTRACTED”.

Samuel 14: 1-23- When Johnathan and Saul’s army were faced with fighting the Philistines, Johnathan and his armorbearer decided by faith TWO SWORDS IT IS ENOUGH. They went in confidence of their God. They took their two swords and they left Saul and his 600 men army and went TOTALLY TRUSTING in the Lord. Somewhere in their RENEWED MIND they KNEW that IF GOD BE FOR THEM, HE is MORE than the WHOLE world against them. They knew deep down inside NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST THEM COULD PROSPER. From their faith UNCTION SPRUNG UP into action. They were DETERMINED not to be DISTRACTED by their OBSTRUCTIONS. Even as they drew near the battle, They never once FEARED the FACTS. They were OUTNUMBERED. They were going against ALL ODDS. The enemy was bigger and badder tougher and tormenting. These were facts however FAITH DEFIES FACTS. They was stuck between a Bozez and Seneh(slippery rocks and thorns) or I call it a rock and a hard place, but their OBSTRUCTIONS were not their DISTRACTIONS. They said we going over this garrison. OVER they went. Victory they received. GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY and GLORY TO GOD! Your FAITH earns you the REWARD. Angels have been dispatched least your feet should even dash against the STONES in your Life. God is able to save by few or many(1 Samuel 14:6). Remember this, cast not off your confidence for it has GREAT recompense. My God I prophesy to YOU, your enemies will not rule over you for GOD has given them into your hands. I implore you to tell atleast 12 people today(12 being the number of GOVERNMENTAL ORDER, Perfected ALIGNMENT, and also signifies FAITH). Tell them, ” Don’t be distracted by their obstructions”. These very words of confirmation will BREAK the very chains and bars of FEAR off of them and release their FAITH to perfectly aligned with Gods order. Without FAITH its impossible to please God. Therefore, Be DETERMINED not to be DISTRACTED. I love you in JESUS name.

Be FREE…………..from fear of your enemy that you too may obtain this report from the Lord who will SHAKE the earth and confuse your enemies for you…..14:23- So the LORD saved Israel that day: and the battle passed over unto Bethaven. I decree the battle is PASSING OVER don’t get DISTRACTED!

Jody K Young