If you’re like most aspiring artists, then you’ve probably experienced that make-or-break moment when meeting someone new… I call it the “what do you do?” moment. It’s the moment when someone asks you what you do and you either tell them that you’re an artist of some form or you tell them about your day job.

And if you’re like most aspiring artists, you feel too guilty introducing yourself as the artist you truly are because you feel like you don’t really deserve to be called an artist. Whether you feel that way because you haven’t reached a professional level yet, because you aren’t spending a lot of time practicing your art, or because you’re not confident talking about your work yet is irrelevant … the point is you’re telling people about your day job.

This Young Man that I am spotlighting today, goes by the name of “Ghostwryter”. I set out to capture the man behind this name and to help support those who are grinding consistently trying to make a name for themselves. Read what he had to say below.

He has a new single out on Itunes titled, Indecisive. Be sure to support his work by purchasing this new hit.



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Jody K Young