500 Words To Inspire


If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I’d want to pass along to others…

Have you ever thought that you somehow missed your turn in life and are not where you are supposed to be? Can you pinpoint that one decision or step that keeps you constantly wondering how to correct your situation or have less stress and more fun?

Now is the time to stop looking back and understand that, as creatures of habits, we have the ability to choose and change our situations at any time!

We all have been conditioned to believe that winning or losing can be traced to a single play or, in our case, a single action. You and I have experienced the media slant so often that we unconsciously view everyday life through tinted lenses. We need to remove our shades and start designing our Fantastic Lives today.

My day starts by giving thanks for another day. I’m grateful for waking with the ability to think, see, hear, smell, touch and control my body. If this is not something you do, I invite you to practice this for 30 days and experience a new lease on life. Simply say “thank you” for another day!

After a few minutes of appreciation, I focus on the positive things I wished to attract in my life. This is where you can really gain special favor by visualizing what you really want to bring into your life. If you focus on what you don’t want, you are likely to bring more of what you don’t want into your life. Focus on what you really want!! You can have anything you want in life by believing you can have it and allowing the universe to work through you.

As you know, we all have the same 24 hours in a day, so I recommend exercising the first thing in the morning. I want you to remember it does not have to be a heavy workout! A simple 15 minute stretch along with 15 minutes of walking, sit-ups or pushups will pay huge dividends over time. If you will listen to your affirmations while exercising, you will stack the deck in your favor the rest of the day.

I believe smiling is the most important step of every day. When you are smiling, the whole world is smiling with you! A smile brightens your attitude by sharing your thankfulness and gratitude with those you come in contact with. Your smile allows others to feel you caring about them and in turn helps them to receive your rays of hope and enjoyment.

I challenge you to smile to the first 10 people you see daily for the next 30 days and watch a new world unfold around you. If smiling is your natural tendency, you already enjoy the benefits, and if you are new to smiling, you will have a great awakening.

Now that we have set the tone for our fantastic day in the first hour, let’s look at the steps for our Time Is Now Day:

Review your task list of 6 items selected before retiring the night before.

Select the task you fear the most and do it first.
Gain the knowledge or seek assistance if required to complete this task.

Work through your list and once completed, enjoy your reward. Laugh, have fun and take a moment to reflect and journal your success.

Share your success with those assisting you in developing your fantastic life. Open yourself up to more success!
If you are not able to complete your list, add the incomplete items to the next day’s list. Each day starts with 6 items on the list. Feel free to add or subtract to your list to accomplish your goals.

Take action! “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Repeat steps 1-7.

The Time is Now – Be happy, have fun and enjoy life!!

Jody K Young



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