Greetings My Luvs

Yes, we have made it through another week. It is Friday and I am glad about it. Each day I wake up I thank the Lord simply for a peace of mind. Nothing in the world can replace that, no amount of money can buy it. When you learn to be content in any situation, the peace that surpasses all understanding will fall upon you. Many times going through this life of mine I have found myself doing things just to appease and satisfy others. I have come to learn that as long as you do that you would never have peace. Simply be your authentic self. That is irreplaceable. Live for you and you only. You will notice that when you find your own path and that which inspires you, life as we know it becomes much easier. I have chosen my own path and decided to never allow others to place me somewhere I know I have not been called to be. Over the past few months I have did some soul searching. Lord knows it has not been easy but I can tell you with each passing day things have gotten better. I have weeded out bad friendships, relationships & connections. Often finding myself left alone but never lonely. God has provided for me in more ways I could have ever asked for, and because of my obedience and commitment to certain things I have properly positioned myself for what is to come. So keep praying for me friends and know that I am stronger, wiser and better because of you. Your constant support of my work and yearning to hear and see more from me is certainly in the making. All things in God’s Timing!~


Jody K Young



Happy Wednesday Friends. I know it has been some time that I have wrote anything here. Life has a funny way of playing itself out. You never know what is around the next turn for you. But what I have learned is to always be open and receptive to what is at hand. God has truly been good to me. Keep praying for me and I will continue to inspire, uplift and encourage you as long as I can.