Bnicole DaReason


The rap game is unleashing its feminine side in full force when it comes to this artist. Save the Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj comparisons. This young lady who goes by the name of, Bnicole DaReason, is certainly on her A-Game. With her sassy yet classy personality, she proves that Thibodaux, Louisiana breeds natural talents that are to contend with. I was overjoyed when she agreed to do this interview spread with me. I’ve said several times that It gives me great joy to see other’s succeed but especially when it is people that I grew up with or went to school with. Check out what all she had to say. Get to know her, love her and then be sure to support her. Bnicole DaReason that is.

Jody: 1. Who is the person Bnicole DaReason?

Bnicole DaReason: A Mother, an artist, a student, a go getter, as well as a quite storm. I play so many rolls, and although it gets hard, I do my best to balance it all. I’m human just like everyone else, even though I may come off like a robot, lol. I actually do find time to get a power nap in here and there, lol.

Jody: 2. What do you feel is the most pressing or important problem in our society now, and do you feel as though your experience as an artist has aided or complicated your involvement in these issues?

Bnicole DaReason: Knowledge, hands down. I know that sounds strange and most won’t agree off the bat, but let me explain. So much of our society now-a-days lack common knowledge and that situation has driven our nation, as a whole, into a hole. I’m afraid for the generations ahead if “power” continues to control the people instead of the people controlling the power. One can choose to complain, but if you don’t know, and or don’t care to learn, then no form of change can be done. One man can’t do it alone. As an artist hopefully I’m aiding more than complicating. Hopefully one can learn from my music such as where I’ve been, how far I’ve come, and where I’m headed. All of that is due to a strong mind and abundant will power. Politics, religion, money, and respect are all in, one way or another, rooted to knowledge. One has to be taught in order to learn. Knowledge is gleaned and acquired through someone else or taking your education into your own hands.

Jody: 3. Right now, who would you look up to? Who do you think is a real game-changer in the music industry?

Bnicole DaReason: I’ve always looked up to the Vets in the game. They keep me grounded by letting me know you can do this for life if you choose. With the right mindset and team backing you, you can go the distance indeed. So many names to name but most definitely Mary J.Blidge, Queen Latifah, R.Kelly, Russel Simmons, MC Lyte, Missy Elliot, Ms.Tee, Jay Z, Nas, the list goes on and on lol. As far as game changers goes, I would have to give that award to Kenntrick Lamar. He is most definitely pushing the bars up a couple of notches before I step through the door and completely flip the script on the game as a whole, lol.

Jody: 4. How would you define the hip hop generation and is it a static movement or something that is always changing?

Bnicole DaReason: Hip Hop is life. It changes as we, as a generation, changes. Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of music that is considered Hiphop that I don’t agree with, but I’m human and I have certain tastes. I enjoy music period. If it’s something I can jam to, I’ll jam. If it destroys my ears then it gets the off button, lol.

Jody: 5. There’s always something that drives artists. What drives you to make music and what effect do you want your music to have on your listeners?

Bnicole DaReason: Music drives me to do music and that’s my honest answer. I grew up listening to everything under the sun. Rock, Jazz, Hiphop, R&B, Reggae, and everything else; I’ve heard it all. After listening to my music I want my listeners to feel as if they were actually there. Like a fly on the wall. To feel every bar in which is played over the beat that is laced with my reality. Every artist has a story and what sets me apart is that I say what most people want to tuck away under the rug. They don’t call me “DaReason” for no reason lol.

Jody: 6. How did your family respond when you first started in the music industry?

Bnicole DaReason: Well they always knew I had it in me as a singer, but when I said I would be taking my talent to the next level and I would be rapping instead of singing, I definitely got some weird looks as well as responses. Then they heard my music and I have full support now. My music tends to have that effect on people, lol. Of course I have some family that feel like it’s just a pipe dream and don’t understand how close I am but that’s okay. I just keep the faith and keep on pushing on. I’m a winner already because I believed in myself first and didn’t seek approval from anyone other than the most high. I am covered so therefore I am good.

Jody: 7. Is there any advice you’d like to give to young aspiring rappers?

Bnicole DaReason: Yes! Young sisters, as well as brothers, believe in you first. Anything is possible if you don’t make it impossible. Nothing will just come to you either. You must go out and get it. This includes any career field you choose to journey into. This game is really raw and uncut as well, so a strong mind is needed. Understand that in this business it is 10% talent and the other 90% is business. Education is key so pick up a book or hop on the internet and learn the ends and outs of this game. You want to be well versed in publishing to money management, and royalties to management and contracts. You can’t get played if you are on top of your game.

Jody: 8. What’s next for Bnicole? Are there any current projects in the works and if so tell us about them.

Bnicole DaReason: Show after show after show, lol. I’m also working on my next two mixtapes “The Diary” and “No Gimmicks.” You can get my very first mixtape on titled “The Darkroom.” I’m writing R&B/pop music and working with a few up and coming artists. I’m also collaborating with some some established artist in the game so be on the lookout for that. We’ve just completed the “Hattin On Lil Momma” project. It’s a CCWaterBound Production and I’m featured on the song with WillChill from the original CCWaterbound. I’m in the process of completing part III of the Female Cypher of NewOrleans. I’m mixing it up with some really talented ladies as well as an awesome producer named DJ Blak&Mild. He’s out of New Orleans as well. Kush TV is directing and producing them all. Shout out to my home girl Lady Dahlia for putting it all together. Go check out her music and look up the past two cyphers on YouTube titled “Lady Dahlia presents Female Cypher of New Orleans.” I’m also working on a few features with some producers and artists out of Philly. Shout out to ReignMan, Hakeem, and Mecca Bey as well as Birdie Jackson from the Lafayette area of Louisiana and many many more. They are all amazing artist and can’t wait to get it cracking with them. Shout out to my team as well such as PaceSetta Entertainment, Fbizzle Tha Repa, Meezie Lotta, Knowledge, The Prez, Chad Anthony and everybody that’s been a part of the set in general and has been in BNicole’s corner from the beginning. We are working! Also a special shout out to my manager Carl L Triggs. His amazing work ethic is bananas and keeps me on my toes without a doubt. So to all my fans, when you see him, salute him for real, lol. I’m also working on my very first book, it’s in the works so be on the lookout for it in the near future. No title set in stone yet, but it’s coming; no doubt. My mission is to branch off in every direction. Strengthen any weak spots I may have and perfect each craft I decide to run with. So strap your seatbelts and be sure to click it tight because I’m coming; no doubt!!

The DarkRoom

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