Get Over It


Just broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend? However non-committed you had been, it still hurts. Thinking that the happy times are not going to return surely makes your stomach churn. But you have to face it. Here is a guide on what to do and what not to do.

1. Throw away old stuff: You cannot hold on to anything that triggers the memories of all the wonderful time you have had with your now ex-partner. It would do you a lot of good if you do not look at the pictures you had taken together and cry over it everyday. Put all the cards and gifts in a box and stash it away, out of your sight. Learn to let go off.

2. Meet new people – Socialise! The first good thing you can do to yourself is go out there and meet new people. It’ll be great to have new friends around you and getting to know newer people. Dinners, movies and general outings with a new bunch of people will take your mind off things and help you bounce back in life in a positive way.

3. Party – If you can…go out and have fun. There is no need to sit back home and cry over spilt milk. Not to make your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend jealous; but for your own happiness. Time to move on!

4. Take up new activities – If you do not have regular college or office to take your mind off things, take up some activities that will keep you occupied. It is important to stay active. Join some club, visit different places, exhibitions, take up some classes of your interest.

5.There is no need to overreact, please – It is ridiculous to spread rumours about how you have been dumped, or make your ex look bad. If you work at the same place, no need to leave your job. Just try and be friends or not get in each other’s way!

Jody K Young


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