Everyday life causes you to grow in mind, body and spirit as you become more knowledgeable and wise with each life experience. Every change can add to your inner strength if you let it!

As I am now starting to feel the changes life can bring I am tasked with having patience and more faith. I spend so much of my time encouraging and guiding others but many times find it very hard to apply those same lessons to my own life. That is the challenging part.

As the old saying goes, “someone always has it worst then you”. That statement is so true. At the end of each day I reflect on what I have heard, seen and felt & in retrospect in compares nothing to what someone else is dealing with. Its just life.

Today, I welcome changes as opportunities to grow. Come what may, I know I have the strength to tackle them with optimism and the wisdom to seek their advantages.

Remember to always keep a positive attitude to life’s challenges and know that when one thing won’t work you must then find another solution to the issue or problem at hand.

Jody K Young


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