Jeanine Daggs

Inspiring women in today’s society define, pursue, and achieve their purpose and full potential on a daily basis. I don’t believe anything is more rewarding or fulfilling for inspiring women than living life on purpose. Inspiring women no longer settle for or tolerate mediocrity, but rather strive to live life with inspiration, gratitude, intention, and positive action all while uplifting other women in the process. Inspiring women realize and embrace every day with the knowledge and understanding that each day they are given an invaluable opportunity to make a difference in their own life and with each life that crosses their path. When I think about the phrase inspiring women there is one particular person that comes to mind. Ms. Jeanine Daggs

I am all for someone who believes in what they do and has a work ethic that shows the commitment and love they hold for their purpose. I have watched this strong woman commit strongly to the things she is a part of. She not only seeks to promote and commit to the things that concern herself but she supports others. From spreading knowledge of certain opportunities in the community to helping first time home buyers, Jeanine is certainly every women. I would like for you guys to support my sister in Christ. Don’t just take my word for it, but be blessed by the following words straight from Jeanine herself as she shares with you a little about herself and the services she has to offer. God Bless!~

Jeanine’s Response – “I’m a single parent of four, grandmother of one. Born and raised in Napoleonville, LA. The best of both worlds. I’ve lived a negative life for so long til when I decided to live righteous, I’m very much at peace. I’m basically the people’s advocate. I am a finance consultant w/ Finance First, 2450 College Drive, BR LA 70808, 225-218-6071. I promote. I have a love for music and a joy for helping others. I’m affiliated w/ my own company, Black Pearl Management, PO Box 1091, Napoleonville, LA 70390, 225-255-0807. I provide promotions and public relations for GoodLife Productions, 5575 Government Stree, BR, LA, 225-485-6109. I have a love for God like nothing I’ve ever imagined. I’m affiliated w/ World Shakers Church Intl, N. 48th Street, BR, LA. but attend various churches where the spirit lead me. I love to cook and sometimes cook enormous meals and feed people just because. I enjoy keeping people informed on things that could be a help for them. Without knowledge, our ppl perish. I am the voice.”

Jody K Young
Blessings & Love!~



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