Hello Everyone! Its been an emotional night for me! I could not sleep…I’ve been wrestling with something for awhile now and I have come to the realization that I must be honest with myself so that I can move on with my life and be free. Some of you know about me, have heard about me, seen me around and know what I’m about. Some of you think you know me and question parts of my life that I don’t share. Here is bit of news I am want to share……WAIT A SEC….

(getting tissue…..wiping tears…..blowing nose)

ok i’m back!

Today, Friday, August 24, 2012 at 6:34 a.m. I am coming out of the closet……yes…its true….I AM POWERFUL!!!!!!!

(inhales and exhales deeply)

I know…I know…it is shocking! But it is true. I have always been powerful…I just never realized it! Don’t get me wrong. I am not in any way trying to sound arrogant or stroke my own ego, or come off as somebody that thinks that they are better than anyone else. No, not at all! I’m just sayin…The God in ME is powerful! That automatically makes me power-ful (full of God’s power). and guess what? YOU ARE POWERFUL TOO! WE ALL ARE POWERFUL…we just don’t use what has been given to us!

I’ve been in my own closet for a while now. My own comfort zone. My space. Doing things my way! But now, my closet is too full! There is no space for me! What is in my closet? I’m glad you ask! My closet is full of last years fashions (old beliefs and thinking), clothes that still have price tags (thoughts that seem good for a moment, but can’t use them on my journey now) and clothes that I continue to wear over and over but refuse to give away (thoughts that hold me back from moving forward). I’ve been hiding in my clothes closet to afraid to disrobe and be free from limitations and limiting habits, free from fear of what others may think or react, free from being afraid of the unknown! But there is a yearning in me that I can’t deny..a light in me that needs to shine….a Power in me that needs to be used. IM COMING OUT!

Lets not mention my shoe closet…OMG!!!!! (getting emotional again…tears) If you are close to me or follow me…you know that I LOVE SHOES! But….there is no space for me in my shoe closet! My shoes represent the number of times I have walked away from the truth! I have over 100 pairs of shoes…do the math! I’ve walked away from the truth that I am POWERFUL! and I have the Spiritual Power of God within me to transform my life!hmm..perhaps I’v just discovered the root of my shoe addiction! Anyway…I have been hiding in my shoe closet walking in fear, walking in my own discouragement, walking in lack. But I have awakened to my truth that I am POWERFUL. I’m stepping out of six inches and onto solid ground. IM COMING OUT!

We all have closets that we hide in. We make peep holes or crack the door and look out at others who exercise their Spiritual Power and say “I wish that was me” or “Wow..look at him/her”. We admire them because they have taken off their clothes and shoes of inhibitions and restrictions. They are not afraid to show the truth that they are here on earth to express the attributes of God. To be afraid to express God is to be afraid of yourself. Fear only delays fulfillment and says that there is something that God cannot do. I will not be afraid of myself. I will not delay my fulfillment by not allowing God to show His Power in me! IM COMING OUT!

We must come out of hiding! Come out of the closet! Release those things that hold us prison and shut the door and never walk back in! God is calling us to represent Him. God wants to use us! He wants to show forth His power in us! How can a super hero use his powers if he changes into his cape but never leaves the phone booth? We have a choice…come out and let God use us…or suffocate. IM COMING OUT!

We are the Power of God in action! We have the Spiritual Power to think a thought and bring it into manifestation! We have the Spiritual Power to speak to any situation and circumstance and change it! We have the Spiritual Power to follow our passion, our dreams and our goals! God gave us power! It belongs to us! it is our birthright as sons and daughters of God. Power belongs to me! I AM COMING OUT!

God wants to reveal Himself through is and in us! He desires us to be an expression of Him so that others who are still in darkness can come into the awareness of who He is. We cant be afraid to live this life as God. Lets stop resisting, Let Go, Let God! Let the Power work through us! Come out of your closet. I’m coming out of my closet because I know that there are people on the other side of the door waiting to see and hear this God in the flesh! I AM COMING OUT!

Thanks for allowing me to share with you another life lesson! My prayer is that everyday, you manifest all that God is!!!! I love all of you!


SN: I am breaking through the closets of fear and embracing the Power of God, allowing it to be the guiding force in my life! Thats Wassup!!

Jody K Young


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