Stay In Your Lane

All the nations you have made shall come and bow down before you, O Lord, and shall glorify your name. (Psalms 86:9 NRSV)

God is never impressed by size. A tiny diamond is worth more than a giant rock. A tiny baby is just as important as a grown woman or man.

Have you ever noticed that the most beautiful sounds come from the smallest birds? Think about it. An eagle can screech; a turkey can gobble; an ostrich makes no sound at all. But a tiny canary or a little wren can make some of the most beautiful music ever heard.

God gives every creature its own gift. The mighty eagle may appear majestic as it soars gracefully overhead, but it would never win a talent contest. The little canary sing a beautiful song, but wouldn’t have a chance in a tug of war with the eagle. God has made everything beautiful and special and unique in its own way.

God has made you beautiful, special and unique, too. Each of you has different talents, gifts, abilities. None of us is the best at everything. But God loves each of us the same and God wants us to develop the gifts we have been given for God’s glory.

Jody K Young


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